Laser tag voucher

Laser tag voucher, a unique gift

Give a special gift to your family or to your friends. Give a buzz not the regular gifts. You can choose any available packages or buy a custom value voucher for custom number of players. It is fast, it is personal and it is exciting. It is quickly done (in 24 hours) and it is valid for 6 month. You can buy it to any occasion like birthday, nameday, for business partners or for friends.

Lézerharc utalvány Debrecen

How to order it ?

After you have filled out our ordering form our colleagues will send you a confirmation email about the successfull booking. After this you have to pay the full price of the voucher. You can pay it in cash in our arena or you can transfer the money to our bank account which you can find below. As soon as we receive the money we will send you a digital copy of the voucher which can be printed if needed. The voucher has a unique number so we only need that number for validation. You can use the voucer in all of Laser Force Arena fileds in Hungary.


Payment methods

    • Cash payment: Laser Force Aréna , Nyugati street 5-7 at the old “Kötöttárugyár”. About our business hours please contact us by phone 06-30-552-7309 or by mail at [email protected] address.
    • Transfer: LFA Sport Kft, MKB Bank: 10300002-10643477-49020029